Mini English Creme Goldendoodles

Our mini goldendoodles are the offspring of our English creme retriever, and our blue merle mini poodle. These puppies inherited the unmatched characteristics of their parent breeds! If you are looking for an engaging, family friendly dog who doesn’t take up too much room on the couch, then the Miniature Goldendoodle  might be the perfect match for you! Gentle temperaments, and easily trainable these beautiful dogs are also hypoallergenic. They are non-aggressive, highly intelligent, loving, playful, fun, sweet, and extremely loyal. Due to their low prey drive tend to get along very well with other companion animals, like other dogs and cats. Because of their friendly, gentle natures, Miniature Goldendoodles are perfect for service & therapy dogs.Their protectiveness, and affability make them an ideal partner for people with disabilities too. Contact us for details, or to reserve one of our babies.